Margot Maley Hutchison | 05/03/18 | Agent

Margot Maley Hutchison has been a senior literary agent with Waterside Productions, Inc. since 1992. She has represented more than 1,200 books and generated over 15 million dollars in revenue for her authors. She represents quality nonfiction on the following topics: computer, health, psychology, parenting, fitness, pop-culture, and business. She prides herself on working with authors and editors throughout the life of each book, from developing and editing excellent proposals, to helping with marketing and author platform.

Throughout her career at Waterside, Margot has worn many hats in addition to the agent hat. She was a key organizer of the Waterside Publishing Conference, the leading technical publishing conference in the industry. As the head of the Waterside Foreign Rights department until 2002, she generated hundreds of licensing deals and was the sole foreign representative for Novell Press.

For the past ten years Margot has concentrated on supplementing authors’ print work with web opportunities. She has created entirely new sales channels for all Waterside authors in online instruction, corporate website assignments, training and creating downloadable apps. She is especially excited about being involved in new opportunities currently evolving in the tablet market.