The Dolphin Letters Now In Paperback

dolphin_lettersTALK ABOUT unusual occupations!  Tybee Island psychologist, teacher, healer, astrologer and author Muriel Lindsay has just disclosed another…this one unique.
Muriel, who has traveled the world for years gleaning the wisdom of the ages, now serves as a amanuensis for dolphin friends, with whom she has spent hundreds of hours while kayaking in the waters surrounding her island home.
Her wanderlust may have been inherited from her father, Robert Opie Lindsay, one of a handful of American pilots designated as an “ace” in WWI. Still in his early 20s, Lt. Lindsay earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for downing six German planes while flying his Spad fighter over Germany and France.  He likely shot down many more, but in those days pilots only got credit for the ones fellow pilots witnessed.
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