All Together Now...Oooouuuuummmm

All Together Now…Oooouuuuummmm 

All of marketing comes down to three things.  That’s right.  Every campaign, marketing strategy, online or offline promotion consists of the same three components.  I call them The Sacred OUM of Marketing.  Here’s a quick overview…


O is for Optin


Optin is about engaging the potential customer.  It involves your initial attraction to the end user and includes things like branding, positioning, targeting, and everything that might make a cold lead become interested in you or your product.  The goal is to get them to opt-in to something, so you can move to the next step…warming them up.


U is for Upsell


Upsell is about turning warm leads (from your optin stage) into buyers. It’s about warming them up to the point of buying. It’s about generating trust, calling them to action, closing the sale, and fulfilling their needs. It’s about upsell strategies, merchandising, overcoming objectives and ultimately consumer trust of your brand.


M is for Media


Media is what makes the whole thing work.  Media is where you reach your customer.  It consists of your own media and other people’s media. Blogs, videos, ebooks, magazines, email lists, website traffic, radio shows and live events are all types of media…all ways that you can reach an audience.  Today, it’s important that you have your own media channels as well as access to other people’s channels (the bigger the better).
Written by Chris Van Buren

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