Authors Use the WeJIT to Sell More Books...

We’re part of a powerful new technology that will enable authors and publishers to use their eBook editions to build communities of interest and sell more books.

It’s the future of publishing and the application is called a WeJIT and the WeJIT can be embedded in the eBook version of any book you may be writing or have already written. By installing  WeJITs in your eBook, you can create instant communities around individual topics in your book and interact directly with your readers while your readers interact with other readers and potential new readers.

The WeJIT can be sent to a friend who has not yet read the book you are reading and expose them to the book in a way that will engage them around a particular topic, while also allowing them to instantly purchase the book. The person who has participated in any WeJIT in your book can instantly return to reading the passage that prompted the originating comment.

One early technology reviewer remarked on how the WeJIT allows a whole new level for keeping margin notes which can be shared with friends or re-read by the original note-taker months or even years later.

Joe Wikert of O’Reilly’s _Tools of Change_ also sees the  power and value of WeJITs.Click here to read his short interview about WeJITs for authors.

To see WeJITs in action, I strongly suggest that you purchase an eBook copy of JD Messinger’s 11 Days in May to see how JD has successfully incorporated 32 WeJITs into his eBook and how they are engaging and increasing his readership.  Although you should purchase a copy of the eBook to see how the WeJIT looks INSIDE the book itself,  click here for just one WeJit example outside the book (after the reader clicks to participate).

You can also visit  for more info on how WeJITs can change the way people come together online.



Waterside Discount on WeJIT

Waterside is representing   Democrasoft, the technology company that created the WeJIT and can arrange a special rate of $99 instead of the normal retail price of $199 for licensing the use of the WeJIT in your next eBook. Contact Eugene Schwartz at,,  or Jack Jennings at for further details.

Below is part of a letter from Democrasoft founder Richard Lang which describes just some of the applications of the WeJIT. My focus, as always, is on books, but clearly the WeJIT can be a powerful tool for online courses, online newsletters, online publications and simple-to-use, collaborative decision making. I am pleased to be part of this new collaborative technology which should enhance reading experiences for everyone.

Bill Gladstone,
Founder, Waterside Productions Inc.



Whether the subject at hand relates to family, friendships or the future of the planet, all of us are constantly affecting our collective future. The next wave of social connectivity, common purpose, is now upon us, and so is a new collaboration language for coordinating that connectivity. A new way of empowering ourselves online has arrived, and it’s called the WeJIT.

WeJIT is a very simple, but extremely powerful online collaboration tool that goes anywhere.
It allows anyone to give birth to an instant, engaged community around any topic. It enables anyone to instantly create a one-page website that collects votes, comments and results (and that you can embed almost anywhere). And it eliminates the “reply-to-all” email mess that wastes so much of our valuable time. There’s no new organization to join, no software to learn, and virtually no learning curve.

WeJITs embed in other platforms and applications. The world’s very first two-way interactive eBook has just been announced.  (

Now, thanks to the WeJIT, readers and authors can easily connect with each other around any discussion topic, from right inside the e-book. WeJITs can be integrated in any e-publication, as well as in any blog or website. The possibilities really are endless.

It’s the power in a clear and common purpose. It’s the power in We.


Richard Lang
Chairman & CEO

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